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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is your blog inactive now? I hope it's not :(
the-croods-confessions the-croods-confessions Said:

The answer is… no.

Yes, I will leave this blog open, and it will always be.

It’s just that I’ve been busy with things in life and I never really had time to make the confessions anymore.

There are about 10-20 confessions still in the inbox that’s still not been created.

Anyways, sorry. I’ll probably resume making the confessions sometime soon. And I’ll probably give the blog a new make-up too.

I’ll open it again once I’m done making the other confessions left in the inbox.

(Also I block people who advertise their blogs, I humbly ask that you DO NOT do that here, please and thank you.)

OK. So I have *giant* crush on guy. How can you not?”

Full confession: “I actually really love Eep and Guy’s relationship. When he describes cavies he sounds disgusted but he does grow to love Eep despite that. And the relationship they have grows unlike so many Disney/Pixar where they just fall in love, the end. I don’t know I just get butterflies whenever they have their special moments, and I expect that in the sequel.”

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is the blog abandoned?
the-croods-confessions the-croods-confessions Said:

No it’s not abandoned yet, this blog is just on hiatus. And I’m busy with my other confession blog as well.

I’ll post new confessions here again soon, I swear.

I really wish some people would understand that this movie had three main characters: Grug, Eep, and Guy. Not just Grug.”

When Eep says, ‘Thank you’ after Guy says she is really heavy, I was speechless and had a whole new perspective. Most women would think that as an insult and possibly lead to bad decisions but Eep shows that just because you’re heavy, does not mean it is bad in any way, shape or form.”

"I love the 2D animation/drawings during the prologue and credits." 

Hi there! Sorry we haven’t been posting any new confessions lately. It’s because we’re busy with our other confession blog.

Anyway, this blog is still active and will continue to post new confessions sooner or later.

Thanks again!

- the-croods-confessions